Our Spirituality
We are the Priests of Apollo and we aspire to bring
true knowledge about our Patron God Apollo to those who seek to be the devoted followers in our Sacred Male Tradition.

As priests of the Apollo Brotherhood Tradition we are filled with a special form of Healing Spirituality. We are the "Keepers" of the Sacred Flame of Apollo, from His great Temple in Dephi.

We believe that the Sacred Light of Apollo beams brightly down upon His devotees.  Through Apollo's
radiant sunlight He fills us with healing energy and fortifies us with great strength. 

We seek to live a peaceful accord with all life and follow the ways of the Goddess.  We choose to live
in harmony with Nature and to be good stewards to our Great Mother Goddess.

In Loving Memory of Our Brother
Majestos - 1* (Maaabon)  08/17/56 - 09/18/15
The Main Internal Priesthood
Lord Verderius  3* HP/Founder
Lord Lyamh3* HP/Founder
Count Elwyn       1* LP/Founder
Lord Hawthorn  3* HP/Elder

The Extended Priesthood
Lord Apollotus       3* HP/ Founder
Lord Draconis 3* HP/Elder
Lord Pantheogus     3* HP/Elder
Lord Tamaska 3* HP/Elder
Mykos      1* LP/Solitar
Jasper     1* LP/Solitar