What is Wicca, you may ask?  Wicca is a Earth based form of Religious practice.  We celebrate the eight Solar Sabbats of our Wheel of the Year.  We also celebrate the 13 Lunar Esbats of the Full Moon.

We hold sacred the supreme Mother Goddess, Gaia. The Mother Goddes, our Earth is our most sacred Primordial Deity and we give Her our heartfelt devotion in our spiritual practice.

Our "Apollo Brotherhood" Tradition is one of many Tradition's in the growing religion of Wicca, or   what is known as modern day Witchcraft.  We offer men a new and unique practice in Wicca to embrace their spiritual lives.

One of the primary tenets of the Craft is to do no harm to anyone in our spiritual or magickal workings.
We strive to live life in balance, while attending to the needs of Earth.  We cling to the knowledge that "All of Life is Sacred".
Apollo Invocation
Apollo, our Lord of Light,
Fill us with your Power and Might.
Beam on us from up above,
and fill us with Perfect Love.
This we ask with joyful praise
Guard and Protect us every day.
So Mote It Be!
Radiant Light
Solar Sun and Lunar Moon, Light our way
Inspire and guide us, both night and day...